Barbara Tripp, web developer in Oceanside, CA

About Barbara Tripp

I am a web developer in Oceanside, California. I provide web development services to small businesses that need websites, as well as to graphic designers and others who need help creating websites from their designs or adding interactive features to their sites.

Professional Background

I started my career as a programmer and spent over 10 years working in IT with responsibilities in all phases of the system lifecycle, including requirements analysis, system design, programming, testing, implementation, maintenance and management. I was lucky to have worked for excellent companies. read more...

I worked for Aetna Life & Casualty, Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers.

I am very appreciative to Aetna for giving me my start. They had a comprehensive training program and taught me to design and write well structured software. They also taught me the basics of team leadership and project management. My projects supported Aetna's group pension business.

Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers both had fast-paced work environments. The investment banking business was changing rapidly and the need was to deliver software very quickly. We worked long hours with urgency to complete our projects under tight deadlines and with high accuracy. I had the privilege of working with very bright dynamic people.

At Morgan Stanley, I first began to use relational database technology. Our systems were used to support the brokerage operations of the company as well as trading analytic reports.

At Salomon Brothers, we used a hierarchial database called IMS. My responsibilites were in the International Operations IT department, with most of my projects were in support of Forex operations, accounting and some trading analytic reports.

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Later on I made a career change, taking a job as “Director of Data Integrity” for a small financial software company called Baseline Financial Services, which later was acquired by Thomson Financial. read more...

Baseline's product was an equity analytics tool used primarily by institutional portfolio managers.

My responsibility was to ensure that the data in our financial database was accurate, complete and timely and to make sure that client inquiries on our data were researched promptly and professionally. I was responsible for managing my department's staff and budget and was a member of Baseline's Operations Committee, which determined company policy and discussed operational priorities across the company. I was also a hands-on participant in activities to support new data initiatives and programs.

Baseline's corporate culture was focused on team work. There was a strong spirit of working together to make our clients happy. Our feelings toward our coworkers was almost like an extended family. I am truly fortunate to have had the experience of being part of the Baseline team.

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In 2003, I agreed to fulfill a long-time wish of my husband's and to move to Southern California. So we moved to San Diego County and are now in a near-perfect year-round climate. At the time of our move, I transitioned my responsibilities to two highly qualified managers who had been reporting to me and took on a role where I worked from home on special projects. A year later, my position was eliminated in corporate reorganization.

I took some time off to decide what I really wanted to do with the rest of my career. Since I was contemplating getting back into programming,I took a course in Visual I found that I still had a love of and aptitude for programming. Soon after, I found an introductory course in web design that was offered by the San Diego ROP program. It was fun taking this course and being able to publish a site on the internet for anyone in the world to see.

I began to further my web development knowlege by self-study in JavaScript and PHP. I also enrolled in a PhotoShop course through the ROP program.

In 2008, I discovered that Palomar College Palomar College is an accredited community college in San Marcos, CA had a certificate program in web development. I enrolled in the program and in December 2009, earned a certificate in web development with an emphasis in Java/Open Source. (read more...) (I am proud to have achieved a straight A average.) (read less...) I continue to take courses, because the techniques for developing web sites keep changing and there is always something new to learn.

Certificates and Degrees

  • Certificate in Web Development with Emphasis in Java/Open Source — Palomar College, December 2009
  • Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics — State University College, New Paltz, New York
  • Certificate of Competency, Small Business Management course — San Diego County Regional Occupational Program
  • Certificate of Completion, Intermediate Visual course — Miracosta College
  • Certificate of Completion, "Achieving Top Search Engine Positions" course — Miracosta College