Below are links to some sites and sample pages that I have developed.

This website

This site is the most recent example of my web design work.

Site Features:

This site has a fixed width. There are two primary layouts — one with a sidebar column on the right side and one with a sidebar on the left. It includes a two-level drop-down menu. The columns in this site are styled with rounded corners.

This site was hand-coded in strict XHTML, CSS and PHP. The menus are CSS driven, with the exception of a JavaScript routine that is needed for IE6. PHP was used so that common code (e.g. navigation), could be coded in a single file and included in all the web pages. This is to save development time when changes are needed to common features of all pages. PHP is also used to process the contact form.

CSS Zen Garden Example

This was a class exercise for my Web Standards class at Palomar College. Coding for this exercise was restricted to CSS only. We were required to use the HTML from the Zen Garden site and use only CSS to change the design of the page.

See my Zen Garden web page

Visit the CSS Zen Garden site for more information on the CSS Zen Garden intiative.

Ritz 4 Petz Demonstration Site

I developed this site for my final project for the Advanced Web Development course at Palomar College.

Site Features:

This site has a fluid layout that expands to the size of your monitor, but is constrained to a maximum width of 1400 pixels. (This is to prevent the lines of text in the content from being too long which would hinder readability.) It includes a two-level drop-down menu and a bread-crumb trail. The home page includes a slide-show feature, an RSS feed and a dynamic newsbox.

This site was hand-coded in XHTML, CSS and PHP. It incorporates several open source JavaScript features and a cgi formmail program.

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Announcement of my husband's death

I put this page together very quickly so that people searching for my husband will learn of his passing.

Site Features:

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